“Pinocchio's essence is the wood of humanity”
~ Benedetto Croce

My story

I was born on 21st September 1970 in Vigonovo, a town on the Riviera del Brenta, one of the ancient fluvial access routes to Venice.

I began my carpentry career as a workshop apprentice. Here I learnt the basic techniques of woodworking. Later, I opened my own workshop, converting the rustic annex of the family farmhouse into a carpenter’s studio.

In a career spanning 25 years I have designed and built furniture, wardrobes, tables and furnishing accessories, works of art. All different, but all built out of a love of wood and a passion for craftsmanship.

"In any kind of creative work the creating person unites himself with his material, which represents the world outside of himself. Whether a carpenter makes a table, or a goldsmith a piece of jewellery, whether the peasant grows his corn or the painter paints a picture, in all types of creative work the worker and his object become one, man unites himself with the world in the process of creation."

~ Erich Fromm


Armonia Collection

Entirely hand-made works with sweet, soft, harmonious lines, conceived through that thing we call ‘vision’, as I first see the object, completed in every shape and detail, in my mind’s eye.

Fortuna Collection

Entirely hand-crafted, wooden carvings depicting Treviso playing cards, poker cards, dice, chess pieces and many others related to games of popular tradition.

Venezia Collection

The mystery of a magical city. Its timeless symbols breathe life into creations of unequalled elegance and refinement: a statement that can be confirmed simply by strolling and window-watching through Venice.

Fantasia Collection

The Fantasia collection represents everything my dreaming soul is able to shape. There’s no precise moment when I say “I’ll create this” or “I’ll do that” because everything springs from the void and can do so at any time.


Please get in touch with me to ask for information on my works or anything else that might help you understand – and decide – better. I always enjoy talking with those who share my passion or are inquisitive about my work.