“The wood is so skin-smooth that as she touches it she has a feeling of being stroked by it in return”
~ Nadeem Aslam

Armonia Collection

The vases in the Armonia collection are entirely hand-crafted and hand-assembled. They feature sweet, soft, harmonious lines, conceived through that faculty we call ‘vision’, as I first see the object, completed in every shape and detail, in my mind’s eye. ‘Vision’ then enjoys the satisfaction of its transformation into the tangible.

In this collection, as with the others, precious exotic woods such as wenge, zebrawood, pau rosa, violet, rosewood and ebony prevail. European woods, such as cedar and maple, which provide the extreme whiteness that contrasts so splendidly with the very dark woods, are used sparingly.

With the same thoughtfulness with which one might embrace a woman, touching these creations yields silk-like sensations and draws out an ecstatic pleasure.

The name of each vase, decided as it is conceived, is the outcome of the inspiration that fills me.

"Wood yields warmth, naturalness, kindness. If you caress it, it caresses you back. And when it begins to show its fault lines and cracks, you realise that it's anything but dead and is, rather, a living, mutating thing."

~ Fabrizio Caramagna

Vase model: Bacco

Wood type: Zebrawood

Sizes: 21 x 38h (cm)

Description: its decanter-like outline is reminiscent of wine and its eponymous god.

Vase model: Firenze

Wood type: Maple and Wenge

Size: 30 x 44h (cm)

Description: the colour layout recalls a medieval coat of arms.

Vase model: Lux

Wood type: Maple and Wenge

Size: 24 x 33h (cm)

Description: its shape and colour exude a sense of wealth.

Vase model: Andromeda

Wood type: Zebrawood and Wenge

Size: 12 x 56.5h (cm)

Description: a tall vase reminiscent of the eponymous constellation

Vase model: Afrodite

Wood type: Lebanon Cedar and Zebrawood – Exotic wood

Size: 25 x 28.5h (cm)

Description: a round-bellied look reminiscent of the goddess of fertility.

Vase model: Roma

Wood type: Wenge with maple insert – Maple with Wenge insert

Size: 19 x 41.5h (cm)

Description: cross-like construction (symbolic of Christianity).

Bowl model: Idra

Wood type: Zebrawood

Size: 23 x 6h (cm)