“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
~ Albert Einstein

Fantasia Collection

The Fantasia collection is an offshoot of my inner dreamer, which draws inspiration even from life’s everyday moments: when working, reading a book, when watching sunbeams sneak into the loft of my house, when sitting at a window as dawn lightens the horizon or just watching flames in the fireplace.

These are the moments when I jot down my ideas, giving them their initial form.

This is a collection with original subject matter, created delicately, with love and materials of enduring tradition.

"Living is like sculpting, you should remove, pull away the most, to discover inside."

~ Mauro Corona
Personal profile

A swivel model with a zebrawood base. The lathed profile is lined with gold leaf or silver. Swivel profile in wenge and zebrawood.

Size: diameter 25 x 37 x 39h (cm)

Lamp Mod. Saturnia

So called because of its rings, made of wenge, maple and zebrawood.

Size: Diameter 35 x 60h (cm)

Lamp Mod. Natura

So-called due to its natural plank-like outlines, made of sawmill-cut walnut.

Size: Diameter 30 x 65h (cm)

Ferma Porte (Door Stop)

Made of wenge, maple and wrought iron.

Size: Diameter 18 x 75h (cm)

I solidi (Sphere-Cube-Pyramid)

Wood type: Wenge and maple,

Size: Base 13 x 13 (cm) and pyramid 18h (cm)

Statue in homage to de Chirico

So called as it is a three-dimensional representation of Giorgio De Chirico’s metaphysical man; a work created and customised by Franco Lionello, one of my teachers.

Franco Lionello was born on 27th April 1949 in via S. Eufemia in Padua. A good, creative, inspired man, he retains all the imagination and spirit of childhood. His unrivalled skill has seen him work with a vast array of materials, yet his strongest ties are still those with wood. During his career he has worked with renowned architects and key figures in other fields.

It’s now been more than ten years since our first meeting and he was one of my greatest mentors. I still have enormous admiration for him.

He sculpted Omaggio a De Chirico, the work with which he taught me the saw-cut sculpture technique. The man-size statue is a three-dimensional representation of the metaphysical man seen in a famous painting by the great Italian painter and sculptor, Giorgio De Chirico. Here, Franco pays a very personal homage to him.

Fir-wood with saw-cut technique Metal stand.

Size: statue 70 x 30 x 180h (cm)

Complete sculpture: cm 75 x 60 x 210h (cm)