For the past 5 years, I have been organizing my exhibitions, and each time I learn something new about the "Bricole del mare" (Sea Bricole). This has allowed me to fully understand the true meaning of my sculpture "SOSPIRO D'ETERNO" (Sigh of Eternity), which represents an intertwining of HISTORY, CULTURE, ART, and FAIRY TALE. I am convinced that my artwork has its own soul, which does not solely derive from me as its creator.


“Sospiro d’Eterno” represents the “Casada” pole of the noble palaces in Venice, already depicted in paintings from the 16th century. After conducting research on the period, I discovered that the Emperor of China at that time was Kublai Khan. I was astonished to see that his headdress was identical to the Venetian pole, and even the final pinnacle had the shape of an acorn. Some time later, I learned that Marco Polo had married one of the Emperor’s daughters.

I presume that Venice adopted the image of the pole as a tribute to the Emperor and positioned it in front of the aristocratic palaces. If that were the case, we are talking about a journey through time of over 700 years! Regardless of the accuracy of the research, I wanted to bring this story to life by giving it my own personal interpretation.


At first, it was an oak tree, grown for 100-150 years in a forest, with its lifeblood bearing witness to mountain life. Then, cut to a length of approximately 11-13 meters, it is transformed into a “Bricola” (wooden post).

Used as a marker for navigable parts of the sea, it becomes an active part of the life of the water city. Today, with its cracks and erosions, it tells the story of its existence.


I found the dying Bricola, nearing the end of its existence and destined for the fire. However, despite this, I recognized in it the wisdom and knowledge that only an old object can tell. I took it in my arms and brought it to my workshop, where I cleaned it from dirt, dried it, and freed it from the corroded parts sculpted by the sea.

I then placed it next to my woodworking bench and waited for it to indicate how it desired to be transformed. Once we entered into symbiosis, understanding every crack, knot, hole, and nail, the process of transformation began, which will only end when it finds its place on the brushed steel pedestal, next to its piece shaped by the sea.


Planted in the sea, it admires the life that flows through the city suspended on water: the arrivals, departures, love stories that blossom, the artists, poets, and dreamers. Like a modern Cinderella, it transforms from being ugly and dirty into an elegant and refined artifact.

Thus, I become the prince who dresses it in a new gown and will introduce it to the salons of villas around the world, bearing witness to the beauty of Venice in the centuries to come.

As a TREE, it endured the life of the mountains and the challenging growth in the rock. As a BRICOLA, it withstood the heat, the cold, the tides, and the attacks of teredini, voracious mollusks that have corroded it.

Whoever endures, SIGH.
Venice has always relied on wooden piles for support.
Even the floors and roofs of the palaces are made of wooden piles.
Thanks to the saltwater, the piles have been fortified and made ETERNAL.
From this comes the name “Sigh of Eternity” – “SOSPIRO D’ETERNO”.